Measuring Job Performance of The Economic Creative Business upon Women Enterpreneurs Base (Case Study at Online Bunda Community Bogor Branch Using Balance Scorecard Approach)

Indar Khaerunnisa


Balance scorecard has a privilege in terms of coverage measurement which
is a fairly comprehensive because while taking into consideration the financial
performance. Balance scorecard also consider the performance of non-financial
performance, namely customer, internal business processes, and learning and growth.
Referring to the problems encountered by Member of Bunda Online Community, this
research examines: "Analysis of Company's Performance by Using Balanced
Scorecard Approach (A Case Study Economic Creative Entrepreneur at Bunda Online
Community)." Because until now Bunda Online Community has not been using the
balanced scorecard to measure its job performance. The population of this study are
permanent employees and 100 samples are taken as respondents. As for the
customer respondents specified by 52 respondents total reseller and costumer in
Bogor is only 52 reseller and costumer, however, it has obtained only 30 respondents
who participated. Data used in this study are primary and secondary data. Based on
the research and analysis, it can be concluded several things as the following: 1) The
performance of the financial perspective on Economic Creative Entrepreneur in Bunda
Online Community as a whole can be inferred or quite enough, in general financial
ratios increased except ROA and TATO. 2) The performance of the customer
perspective on Economic Creative Entrepreneur in Bunda Online Community as a
whole can be inferred bad, because of poor customer satisfaction in the company's
ability to maintain customer retention is also bad while in the company's ability to do
customer acquisition is medium. 3) The performance of internal business process
perspective on Economic Creative Entrepreneur in Bunda Online Community is
enough, because innovation occurs only once during the past two years and there is
not declining operating activities due to consistent time on the production clothing
process. 4) The performance of learning and growth perspective in the Economic
Creative Entrepreneur in Bunda Online Community may be concluded either on
aspects of employee turnover or both criteria which decreasing employee productivity.
Level of employee satisfaction is concluded less satisfied.

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