Instruction to Author


Jurnal Pendidikan Binaniaga contains papers on research results, scientific reviews in the field of scientific study management. The manuscript to be published should be sent in softcopy within 2 spaces that use 10 point font size. Generally, the size of the text not exceeding 5,000 words or 10 pages. Script Format. At the top of the manuscript must contain the title of the paper, the author's name, the name and address of the institution where the author works.

Manuscripts should be divided into several subsections consisting of:

1. Abstract.

2. Introduction.

3. Review of Literature.

4. Research Methodology.

5. Results and Discussion.

6. Conclusions and Recommendations.

7. References.


The table is accompanied by charts, both served along with the data to facilitate readings. Tables and figures must be numbered in Arabic numerals and should be given a short title.


Graphics and images of other lines should be drawn with black ink on white paper. Photos to be loaded must be clear and have a fairly good contrast.


References must be included in the final text, and must be sorted alphabetically by author name.

Editors reserve the right to edit the manuscript contained without changing the content and purpose of writing to fit the theme of Jurnal Pendidikan BINANIAGA Scientific opinions and statements contained in the text, is the sole responsibility of the author.

The entire manuscript and correspondence relating to Jurnal Pendidikan BINANIAGA be directed to:

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